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Address: 42 Sovetskaya Street,
Lelchitsy, 247841

Е-mail: isp@lelchitsy.gomel-region.by

Phone/fax: (+375 2356) 5 02 10


The written history of the Lelchitsy region started in the 16th century. On July 17, 1924 the Lelchitsy region was founded. 

On September 27, 1938 Lelchitsy was granted a status of a township. Since January 8, 1954 the territory of the region has been a part of Grodno oblast. The region was growing fast before the Great Patriotic War. The welfare and cultural level of the population was constantly upgraded. The exterior of villages was also improving. At that time a general plan of development of the Lelchitsy township was drawn up. However, all the plans and aspirations of people were ruined by the atrocious brunt of the Nazis. Everything in the region was destroyed and burned down. The Chernobyl tragedy also left a black page in the history of the region.